Grass Mowing


The City of Reykjavik takes care of mowing all public parks, along highways, and all other city land.

Where do you mow?

We mow all grass on city land, public parks, next to urban highways, and on the grounds of all Reykjavik primary schools and preschools. We do not mow private lawns and encourage residents to familiarize themselves with lot boundaries.

Who mows the grass and how often?

Contractors take care of mowing along urban highways, after a public tender in collaboration with the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration. We plan to mow the areas four times over the summer.

Staff of the Landscaping Division takes care of mowing public parks—for instance in the parks of Laugardalur, Hljomskalagardur, Klambratun, Grundargerdi, Austurberg, Seljatjorn and Maedragardur at Rofabaer. They mow weekly.

Contractors and staff at the City Land Service Center mow other areas, such as in residential areas and the grounds of primary schools and preschools. We plan on mowing these areas three times during the summer.

How big is the mowed area?

We mow 113 hectares along urban highways and a total of 46 hectares in public parks. Mowing in other areas, such as in residential neighborhoods and school grounds, covers more than 312 hectares.


We, therefore, mow a total of 471 hectares of grass in 10,470 mowing areas.


Where have you finished mowing?

You can track the progress of the mowing in the City Viewer. There, you can see which areas have been mowed, and you can also bring up the last mowing evaluation and the number of passes with the mowers.